Apex Legends: Season 7 Horizon …

With Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension starting on November 4, Respawn let us go hands-on with the new map Olympus and legend Horizon. We were able to test out Horizon’s tactical ability on the latest map, checking out how the new legend interacts with the abilities of the other Apex Legends characters.

In the video above, Max Blumenthal and Erick Tay play around with Horizon’s Gravity Lift, a plantable rift that launches squad members–and, surprisingly, items–high into the sky.

Players can even toss the abilities of other legends into Horizon’s Gravity Lift. Mirage’s holographic decoy Psyche Out can get a lift if sent through the ability. And most legends that have a throwable, like Bloodhound and Lifeline, will see their abilities blast off if thrown directly into Gravity Lift as well.

Not all abilities interact with Gravity Lift, though. This is the case with Wraith’s Into the Void tactical ability. When activated, Wraith simply sprints through Gravity Lift–which makes sense since she enters a different dimension. The same happens with Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook tactical ability.

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