Call of Duty’s Most Broken …

Call of Duty has a long history of imbalanced, infamous guns that tarnish the multiplayer experience. Let’s take a look at some of the series shining examples.

Call of Duty has a history of broken guns throughout the years. Guns that are way too powerful that require patches to fix, or guns that are so weak and flawed that we wonder why it was added into the game at all. While we look back on some of them with rose-tinted glasses, others we wish we could forget. As time goes on, developers are quick to hear the Call Of Duty community’s outcry for guns that need fixing, but this wasn’t always the case, especially in the series’ heyday. Here’s our list of the most broken guns from Call Of Duty 4 to 2019s Modern Warfare.

The HS-10 shotgun from Black Ops 1 seems like a fun addition to the gun roster, but aside from its flashy looks, the HS-10 was barely functional. The range was low, the ammo count was weak, and dual-wielding them did nothing to help. Next up is the Grau 5.56 from 2019’s Modern Warfare. For a while, this gun was the king of Warzone. It was steady, deadly, and could pick people off from several meters away. Reminiscent of the ARC from MW2, the Grau was eventually patched in numerous ways. That being said, it’s still a very popular choice for Warzone players. Going back to MW2, the UMP45 is a nasty submachine gun from a time where patches happened less often. Easily the most popular submachine gun, the UMP has a quick time to kill and can be enjoyed akimbo! Normally that means less control with your aim, but it works surprisingly well…too well… Modern Warfare was also responsible for the snake shot .357. This deadly sidearm became a primary thanks to its kill range, and high damage snake shot ammunition. Like the Grau 5.56, it was nerfed, but not forgotten. After the awesome weapons offered in MW2, Black Ops felt lackluster in comparison.

Next, we jump into the future! Advanced Warfare’s BAL 27 was a quick fan favorite at launch. Once word got out about its outlandish fire rate and time to kill, the BAL was patched within a month. Even with its quirk of increased fire rate over time, the patch’s damage had been done. Next is the Dragunov. No matter what Call Of Duty game you’re playing the Dragunov does you no favors. It has high recoil and low damage: A deadly mix that no player enjoys. You’ll lose gunfight after gunfight using this ancient weapon with no benefits. A prime example being the HK-10 light machine gun. This underwhelming gun has bumpy recoil, low ammo count and few attachments to make it better. Trust us when we say, any other LMG would work better. Next is the FMG9 from Modern Warfare 3. This rapid-fire machine pistol will melt enemies at short range. Even at a distance, the FMG9 has the potential to win fights against submachine guns and even some shotguns. Another classic broken gun is the Desert Eagle from Call Of Duty 4. With its low recoil and high damage, this was a popular choice as a primary weapon. We also can’t forget that iconic sound. Last but not least is the infamous and iconic Model 1887 from MW2. Straight from the golden era of COD, the model 1887 was an overpowered mess with way too much range. Using it akimbo was destructive and memorable. When you think of broken, overpowered guns in Call Of Duty, you’re probably picturing these bad boys.

Intro: 00:00
10) Desert Eagle: 00:13
9) Snake Shot .357: 01:14
8) BAL-27: 02:13
7) Dragunov: 02:54
6) HK-10: 03:42
5) HS10: 04:46
4) Grau 5.56: 05:31
3) UMP45: 06:27
2) FMG9: 07:20
1) Model 1887: 08:21

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