How the Military Uses Esports …

Last summer, the Army walked into unexpectedly hostile territory: their own Twitch stream, suddenly full of angry gamers.

The U.S. Army has had an official esports team since 2018, and they’re pretty good — but that’s not really the point. Their true value is as a marketing tool, to convince kids that the Army isn’t just about getting shot at in far-off lands, but can be a place for fun and friends, too. After the program started up, they started hosting streams on Twitch, where gamers could hang out in the chat while they watched a soldier play their favorite games. Things seemed to be going well for the team — until they got a little too popular.

In this extended excerpt from RESET, VICE News’ Dexter Thomas visits the Pentagon, as well as the Army’s esports training facility at Ft Knox, to see how the Army’s latest hi-tech mission is going.

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