7 Best Resident Evil Villain …

n celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series, we’re taking a look back at some of the best transformations we’ve seen over the years from villains such as Albert Wesker and Eveline. Join Persia as she talks about these gruesome and gory fights from various titles in the series such as Resident Evil 5, RE 2 Remake, Revelations 2, and more. Warning! There will be spoilers ahead!

When it comes to zombies, gore, and unimaginable creatures, Resident Evil has hit the mark on them all and likely did so with a few rocket launchers. The series has created lasting memories and always leaves us eager for more which can be easily said for Resident Evil Villiage. While we wait patiently for Lady Dimitrescu, it’s always nice to take a look back on the series.

In this video, Persia talks about some of the best Resident Evil villain transformations. From the gruesome and gory phases of William Birkin’s transformations in the Resident Evil 2 Remake to the iconic Uroboros-fueled transformation of Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5, Persia covers a variety of titles from the legendary series as we celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.

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