Inside the Largest Tax Fraud …

Sergei Magnitsky was a tax advisor tasked with investigating an audacious crime of fraud in Russia. What he discovered went all the way to the highest levels of the Kremlin and implicated police and officials in the biggest tax fraud case in Russian history involving $230 million. And the cost of this discovery was his life.

Magnitsky worked for Jamison Firestone and his legal company Firestone Duncan, who advised Bill Browder and his US investment fund Hermitage Capital. In 2008, both companies were raided by interior minister officials who seized the documents and corporate seals.

Soon after, the ownership of Hermitage Capital mysteriously changed into the hands of an organised crime group, and an illegal $230 million dollar tax rebate was issued. Bill and Jamison asked Sergei Magnitsky to find out what was really going on.

When he discovered the scale of corruption and reported it, those he accused had him thrown in jail. After a year of living in horrendous conditions and being denied medical care, Magnitsky was murdered. In the wake of his death, Bill Browder and Jamison Firestone have dedicated their lives to seeking Justice for Sergei and retelling his story

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