Among Us Airship Clips of …

With a new map comes a whole new world of deception. Join Persia as she rounds up the best community clips of the week in Among Us on the brand new map, the Airship! From some of your favorites on Twitch to an epic acapella group called MayTree, we’ve got it all to start your week right.

Check out the links below to see all of our featured clips:–3GRopdjKncCobdf

In this video, Persia is back with another round-up of the best community clips of the week! A brand new map has been added to everyone’s favorite deception game – Among Us! The Airship has everyone back on Among Us and ready to go through more chaos.

From some of your favorite Twitch streamers like Fuslie meeting an extremely unfortunate fate of dying twice within a few seconds, to an acapella group called MayTree performing magic by recreating the iconic sound effects from the game with just their voices. Tons of funny moments, would-be epic plays, and even smash bros inspired kill animations are all packed and ready to start your week a little less sus.

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