Resident Evil 7 Story Recap

It’s been a few years since Resident Evil 7, so with Resident Evil Village is nearly here, let’s recap what went down in the Baker house all those years ago with Ethan and Mia Winters.

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Resident Evil Village is nearly here, which means big spooky times with Lady Dimitrescu. However, it’s been a few years since Resident Evil 7, and while RE Village isn’t called 8, it’s something of a direct sequel, as it’s the return of 7’s protagonist Ethan Winters. And not to forget series veteran Chris Redfield, who also had a guest appearance at the end of the last installment.

In this video, Kurt Indovina recaps the events of Resident Evil 7, from Ethan’s search for his wife Mia, to escaping the grips of the Baker family, and also, most strangely, its two endings–only one of which is canonical to Resident Evil Village.

Where Resident Evil 7 returned to its more traditional roots of survival horror, Village seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from one of the franchises most iconic installments: Resident Evil 4. Look no further than the addition of a merchant, tetris-like inventory management, and a European-style village to draw comparisons. Still, there are many questions left to be answered: like, what is the importance of Ethan and Mia’s child who has been taken? Why does Chris Redfield suddenly appear to be a villain? And how much alone time will Ethan get to have with Lady Dimitrescu? May 7 couldn’t come soon enough.

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