The DraftKings Red Carpet Film …

Get your popcorn ready! As part of Sunday’s film awards festivities, the biggest names in Major League Eating take the stage in Las Vegas to compete for another DraftKings title.

The Film Feast is a three-part event that starts with a Mega Movie Soda Chugging Contest. Three top Major League Eaters will then pay homage to a famous movie scene from Cool Hand Luke by fighting to determine who can eat 50 hard-boiled eggs the fastest. Make sure to save some of your appetite for the final part of the event, as three of the top names in the sport go head-to-head in an all-you-can-eat eight-minute event to establish a new world record in the first-ever Popcorn Eating World Championship.

DraftKings coverage begins this Sunday at 5:30pm ET with our MLE Preview Show with LIVE coverage of the event from Las Vegas beginning at 6:00pm ET.

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