Rarest Mass Effect Moments You …

Jean-Luc lists some of the rarest moments in the Mass Effect Trilogy that you might not have experienced in your playthrough.

There’s this side quest in the original Mass Effect where you must collect 16 ancient asari writings, which you do by scanning planets as well as landing on uncharted worlds and searching for them. It’s an awful collection task quest, deathly boring to do even with a guide. The reward isn’t even all that great, being nothing but some measly experience points. The saving grace being that because the whole thing is so meaningless, you can skip it without fear of missing out.

However, in Mass Effect 3, there is a small side quest on the Citadel for Shepard stan Conrad Verner. Turns out that before Conrad devoted his life to worshiping the Commander, he wrote a doctoral dissertation on xenotechnology and dark energy integration and can help Shepard obtain some ancient tech, tech that happens to be written in ancient asari dialect. If you collected 10 of the 16 asari writings all the way back in Mass Effect 1, you get some special dialogue as well as a plus five bonus to your war assets.

This is one of those rare moments most players didn’t fully experience in their Mass Effect trilogy playthrough: Strange or unique outcomes that required you to do something either really obscure to get or because you made choices in the past that fall in-between the cracks of the series’ mortality system. Most players tend to play a pure pure paragon or renegade playthrough, but if you mix and match you get some pretty interesting consequences. In this video, I’m going to go through a few of my favourite rare Mass Effect outcomes.

Originally this video was really long, so if you have other moments you’d love to see, or have your own favourites, drop them in the comments below or like this video and subscribe so we know you want to see more. It goes without saying this video contains spoilers for the whole series, except Andromeda cause I don’t talk about that game.

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