2022 Yamaha YZF-R7 First …

We get it. You’re upset. How could Yamaha possibly perform something as sacrilegious as this? The name YZF-R7 belongs to one of the most iconic motorcycles in Yamaha’s history. A 750cc screaming inline-Four that was basically purpose-built for racing, with looks that have stood the test of time, the original R7 is a legend. To put it on this – on this – is simply unforgivable.

Are we right? Does the description above apply to you? We have news for you: You’re probably not Yamaha’s target audience with the new, 2022 YZF-R7. In fact, the new R7’s target audience were literally babies when Noriyuki Haga was sliding the old R7 all over the world chasing a World Superbike title. That was 20 years ago, people. It’s time to move on. If it weren’t for all the backlash about the name, today’s crop of up-and-coming sportbike riders probably wouldn’t have even known about the original R7.

Easily the most controversial new model of 2021, the certain uproar over calling it R7 certainly wasn’t lost on the folks from Yamaha when it came time to pick a name. But there’s a method to this madness, and to understand the thought process behind the name is to understand the sportbike world since July of 2008. Watch the video and allow MO’s road test editor and resident fast guy Troy Siahaan to explain.

Read the full review here: www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/yamaha/2022-yamaha-yzf-r7-review-first-ride.html


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