MLB Is FULL Of Cheaters

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MLB Is FULL Of Cheaters

MLB has come under fire for league-wide use of foreign substances by pitchers, and when asked about the sticky stuff, Yankees ace Gerrit Cole’s awkward answer confirmed what we already knew: Baseball is full of cheaters.

This is only the latest scandal in baseball’s long history of cheating. Whether it be rampant use of performance-enhancing drugs during the Steroid Era, elaborate sign-stealing schemes by teams like the Houston Astros, or countless other instances of foul play that date back decades, cheating has always been a part of baseball. What’s different about this scandal, however, is that sticky substances have driven pitching spin rates through the roof and made it nearly impossible to hit. This has led to MLB having its worst offensive season in history, at a time when the league wants more offense to make the game an exciting experience for fans.

As MLB begins to crack down on the use of foreign substances, why hasn’t this scandal been met with more scrutiny?
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