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Since the launch of Season 5, Call of Duty: Warzone has been riddled with several graphical glitches and bugs. Everything from bizarre player and gun textures, to the map barely loading in at all. Not to mention the rampant hackers with aimbots and clipping abilities. Still, the Warzone community carries on and trudges through another week before any hotfixes are released. In this video Richie goes over 5 glitchy moments of the week.

In our first clip from Krushed Muffins, we see what Verdansk looks like with about 50% of the map loaded in. Instead of getting booted, Muffinz is able to not only proceed, but land on the train with his squad- and even pick up a weapon. Unfortunately the gun he finds has a weird glitched scope that doesn’t allow him to see who or what he’s shooting at. Next up is a clip from Reddit user leggoMUHeggo36. He finds an enemy player and takes a shot using his RPG. While it looks like he made contact, the enemy in question suddenly disappears! Leggo doesn’t get awarded a kill, and the enemy is never seen again.

At number 3, we have iComshot’s clip of a strange new…operator? After being hunted down, iComshot sees his opponent face to face and discovers a graphical mess of a glitch. This is a common glitch for players and weapons, and normally makes the game unplayable, but somehow, this enemy still came out on top. Number 2 comes to us from Urbanpod on Reddit. After deploying from the Warzone plane, Urban lands without a weapon. Even stranger is when he suddenly gets sent to the gulag for seemingly no reason at all! Our final spot on the list goes to Heade from Youtube. After facing off against a hacking team, Heade’s squad wins by the skin of their teeth with a hail Mary C4 explosive. The team takes the victory and the lobby afterwards is excited to say the least.

-The Upside Down via Reddit: KrushedMuffinz

– The Ghostin’ Ghost via Reddit: leggoMUHeggo36

– New Operator via Reddit: iComshot

– Born to Lose via Reddit: UrbanPod

– The Hack Clap Back via YouTube: Heade

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