Elgato Wave Panels | Is it …

Elgato Wave Panel: bit.ly/2Q1eSSh
Elgato Wave 3: bit.ly/3fJPdsj
Elgato HD60S: bit.ly/3fJYdha
Elgato Key Light: bit.ly/31PkcuM

We got the new El Gato Wave panels so we put them to the test to see if they are worth $100 dollars and also how much better your audio sounds with them.

Elgato wants to be the company that sells you everything you could possibly need for your at home streaming setup. Capture cards, microphones, lights, and now acoustic paneling of all things. You know, the stuff you attach to your wall to improve the sound quality of your room.

These are the Elgato Wave panels, not to be mixed up with the Wave, which confusingly is also the name of their brand of microphones. For $100 USD you get the starter pack of 6 wave panels, a not insignificant amount of money to be spending, especially when you can buy generic acoustic foam much cheaper. Elgato sent us a pack to try out so in this video we’re gonna breakdown what you’re getting for that added price, how the setup works, and if these actually make enough of a difference in acoustics to be worth buying.

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