E3 Is Back, But PlayStation …

With the official confirmation from The ESA that E3 2021 will be a free online digital event, Lucy, Tamoor, and Jordan discuss the future of the gaming show and what to expect this summer.

It’s official: E3 2021 is happening and it’s going to be a free online event for everyone to enjoy. The ESA has released a list of the publishers that will be taking part, and it makes for an interesting read.

With so many publishers having their own digital events and showcases, do publishers even need E3? This sounds like a question for the Console Crew! Tamoor, Jordan, and Lucy got together to discuss the news in this week’s episode. In particular, they talk about Sony’s absence and Xbox’s inclusion in the huge summer event. They also discuss the future of E3 and the show’s hopes of being an in-person event in 2022.

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