Best Valorant Clips Of The …

Can you tell which clip will be an Ace and which one won’t? Join Persia as she puts your game sense to the test with the Valorant clips of the week in celebration of the game’s one-year anniversary.

In this video, Persia is back with another round-up of community clips from Twitch, TikTok, Twitter, and more. In celebration of Valorant’s one-year anniversary, we’re putting your game sense to the test to see if you can guess which clip will be an Ace or not.

All of these clips are filled with amazing play, but the final seconds can be a toss-up no matter who is playing. Whether it is in a Nerd St Gamers tournament or just another day in Aceu’s office, these clips are sure to kick off your week with a bang.

Next week we’ll be checking out all of the best and crazy Apex clips of the week! If you want to submit your own then upload the video to your Twitter, tag @persia_xo and @GameSpot, then tune in next week to see if you made it!

Check out the links below for the full version of all of our clips!

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