Apex Legends Legacy – What We …

Apex Legends Legacy is scheduled to begin May 4, following the conclusion of the game’s War Games event. Legacy will add a new playable character, weapon, and map overhaul to Apex Legends.

In the video above, Jordan Ramée details everything we know about Legacy so far, such as who the new playable character is. Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara is the daughter of Titanfall 2’s Viper, taking to the skies in Apex Legends with a jetpack fashioned from the remains of her father’s Northstar Titan.

Alongside Valkyrie, Legacy will add the Bocek Bow, a powerful mid-range weapon. The new season will also redesign Olympus, which will become infested with plantlife. As usual, the new season will also add a new battle pass to unlock and challenges to complete, though Respawn is cryptically teasing that there will be something more this time around.

Respawn recently celebrated Apex Legends reaching 100 million players. Apex Legends is also getting a mobile port called Apex Legends Mobile, which will begin beta testing this spring.

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