Resident Evil Village Preview

We got a glimpse of an hour of Resident Evil Village footage that primarily focused on the the village, and Lady Dimitrescu’s castle. Resident Evil Village looks like a combination of Resident Evil 7 and the more action-oriented Resident Evil 4. The village portion of the game has heavy Resident Evil 4 vibes, with Ethan fighting through hordes of werewolf-like creatures. In the castle, though, Ethan will have to deal with the vampiric Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. The castle looks like a big change of pace from the more action-heavy village are, as you’ll primarily be avoiding Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, rather than fighting them. Resident Evil Village’s next demo, which drops at 5 PM PDT Saturday, April 24, will allow you to explore the Castle for 30 minutes on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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