Surviving Resident Evil Village: Tips …

Resident Evil Village isn’t your average horror game. Managing your resources, knowing how to fight, and how to make money are all important to your survival. If you’re new to the genre, this is the survival guide for you.

In this video, veteran survival horror player and Resident Evil aficionado, Kurt Indovina, shares some vital tips and tricks in order to ensure your survival in Resident Evil Village. If you’ve spent some time in the shoes of Leon Kennedy, blasting your way through the Los Plagas-controlled villagers of Resident Evil 4, then you should have no problem adapting to Village’s combat, inventory management, treasure hunting, and merchant. But if you’re new to the franchise, it can be a lot to take in. 

Kurt breaks it down into three categories: combat, exploration, and the Duke. Kurt gives tips on fighting the game’s werewolf-like enemies, Lycans, how to look for treasure, the importance of hunting animals, killing crows for pocket change, and best practices when selling your loot as well as upgrading your weapons. While it’s easy to be distracted by Lady Dimitrescu’s empowering demeanor, don’t be fooled, there’s plenty more the game offers in terms of frights and thrills to pay attention too.

While Village takes a lot of cues from its previous installment Resident Evil 7, the many environments of the game can be far more daunting than the Baker house Ethan Winters slithered through all those years back. In Resident Evil Village, Ethan must rescue his daughter Rose from the grasp of Mother Miranda, and it’s up to you as the player to be prepared for the dangers that await.  

Our review:
Resident Evil’s Complete Timeline Explained:

Intro 0:00
Tip 1 – Go for the knees 0:32
Tip 2 – Time your counters 1:31
Tip 3 – It’s okay to run 1:54
Exploration 2:50
Tip 1 – Always check your map before leaving a room 3:09
Tip 2 – Backtrack 3:55
Tip 3 – Go hunting 4:44
The Duke
Tip 1 – Check that treasure before you sell it 5:24
Tip 2 – Sell your guns 5:57
Outro 6:29

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