Dark Souls Helps My Mental …

During the pandemic more people have been playing games than ever before, but while it’s easy to think gamers are gravitating towards the likes of Animal Crossing or Minecraft, many people instead turn to intense, difficult games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne for comfort.

Alexander Kriss, psychotherapist and author of ‘Universal Play’, explains the science of how games help people’s mental health, and why playing stressful games during a global pandemic might be a good thing.

The Gaming Mind by Alexander Kriss: www.amazon.com/Gaming-Mind-Psychology-Videogames-Power/dp/1615196811?tag=gs-buybutton-20
TheHappyHob’s Soulsborne No-Hit Run: www.youtube.com/embed/UG-AtY0Nm44
Distortion2 Opening the locked door: www.youtube.com/embed/UKt_C7RfaqQ
Otzdarva’s DS2 No-Hit Run Attempts: youtu.be/1igv3qUtHXg
VaatiVidya’s Prepare to Cry – Artorias the Abysswalker: youtu.be/Ag60ZF-IdKk
RKG Beating Dark Souls on a Transatlantic Flight: youtu.be/m7FPI1p-A00

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